Why did we decide to launch ‘Two in Toowoomba’?

 Well for myself, I wanted to help create this amazing platform with my friend Jeanette, for three reasons;
1. I love supporting local businesses
2. I hope to inspire like-minded women with my current fitness and self-love journey; and
3. To help create a community that provides support and connection through authenticity and relatability in our everyday moments.

So, why am I so passionate about supporting small and local businesses? Well, in 2015 I launched my own small business. Seeing a gap in the market, I decided to launch Polka Dot Pop, a maternity and nursing fashion boutique. Over two years I went from an online boutique to a brick and mortar, located in our very own Toowoomba CBD that I opened with a newborn baby in tow.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, I decided to close the shop and focus on being at home with my kids and helping my husband run our Mechanical Servicing business. (This topic is something that I would love to go into greater depth with you all, however, I’ll save it for another time).

 Being a small business owner, I know the stresses, the amount of work that needs to be put into it every day. The excitement over sales and the disappointments when things don’t work out. I know how much you rely on your local community to support and rally behind your business. This is the
type of support we want to bring through, Two in Toowoomba.

 Another thing that I am passionate about at this stage of my life is my current fitness and self-love journey. I only embarked on this journey last year and am already committed to reaching my goals through exercise, healthy eating, and positive body image. It has been and still is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, and literally must take it one day at a time.

 My children used to be my excuses as to why I couldn’t live a healthier lifestyle and now, they are the reason why I commit to it. I hope that through my new lifestyle that I can inspire just one mum or woman to embark on the same journey, using this platform to let them know that we are in this together!

One of our main goals for ‘Two in Toowoomba’ is to create a social presence within our community that supports and promotes local businesses. We hope to collaborate with small businesses and connect business owners directly with our community. With a strong focus on community over competition and our experiences as Mums, we are coming at you with different and fresh perspectives to shake things up!

 My why behind launching Two in Toowoomba is simple; I am a mum 24/7 and sometimes you just need to be your own person for a bit and focus on something you are passionate about (or in my case a few things). It doesn’t mean that I love my kids any less, it just means that I am taking the time to be Dani and not mum every now and then. Being able to use my brain and work alongside some amazing people is just an added bonus.




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